• Did You Know?

    Youth suicide on the Northern Beaches is Sydney's second highest, after Kings Cross.

  • The 'beach culture' in our area creates a particular concern with alcohol and cannabis use according to the youth of our area and youth agencies.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to assist in the Street Mission Cafes at Dee Why (Wednesday) and Balgowlah (Saturday).
Volunteers are also needed in revenue collection to assist manning our stand.
Volunteering provides a way to:
Meet new people
Learn new skills and gain experience
Find new challenges
Build a better society for everyone

All volunteers are required to complete an application form, please email cafecoordinator@streetmission.com.au to apply.

Volunteer Application Form


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered in case of an accident or injury received whilst I am carrying out volunteer duties?
Street Mission Incorporated covers all registered volunteers under their Public Liability insurance and Volunteers Insurance Policy.
What can I expect from volunteering?
You will make new friends, learn new skills, and probably experience a growth in your self esteem and your self confidence.



Children Most Welcome


Dee Why 7pm Wednesday

St Johns Anglican Church

Oaks Ave, Dee Why

Balgowlah 6:30pm Saturday

Pioneer Clubhouse

Lot 2 Quirk Rd, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Come and enjoy a delightful free meal with good company

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